March and April Performances

Hi everyone,

It’s been a great couple of months here, with tours and performances with Dave Douglas, the Maria Schneider Orchestra, Dave Allen and many more.  These next couple of months promise to be exciting as well, with the mixing of my solo mezzo soprano record well underway and the piano quintet that I wrote (featuring Matt Mitchell and the Mivos Quartet) being recorded in just a couple of weeks.  I’m also heading out on the road with Uri Caine’s group and the Andrew Bain Quartet featuring George Colligan.

Hope to see you out and about!  Music!

March Performances
1– Maria Schneider Orchestra, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO
2– Maria Schneider Orchestra, Lensic Performing Arts Center, Santa Fe, NM
4– Fat Cat Big Band, Fat Cat, New York, NY
8– Jon Irabagon/Bob Sabin/Tony Moreno, Bar Next Door, New York, NY
14– Dan Blake/Ingrid Laubrock/Jon Irabagon recording session
15– Matt Mitchell/Mivos Quartet/Jon Irabagon recording session
22– Uri Caine Gershwin Ensemble, Puerto Real, Spain
23– Uri Caine Gershwin Ensemble, Terrazza, Spain
24– Uri Caine Gershwin Ensemble, Madrid, Spain
27– Mike Pride Trio, Korzo, Brooklyn, NY

April Performances
4– Andrew Bain Quartet, The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland
5– Andrew Bain Quartet, The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland
9– Andrew Bain Quartet, East Side Jazz Club, Birmingham, England
11– Andrew Bain Quartet, Clasijazz, Almeria, Spain
12– Andrew Bain Quartet, Jimmy Glass, Valencia, Spain
13– Andrew Bain Quartet, Sheffield Jazz Club at Crooke’s, Sheffield, England
14– Andrew Bain Quartet, The Vortex, London, England
15– Andrew Bain Quartet, Herts Jazz Club, Welywin Garden City, England
18– John Yao Quintet, Terazza 7, Queens, NY
22– Jon Irabagon Quartet, Jacksonville, FL
25– Dave Douglas Trio, private event
25– Michael Bates Quartet, Cornelia St Cafe, New York, NY
27– Matt Mitchell and Kate Gentile’s Snark Horse, Jazz Gallery, New York, NY
27– Uri Caine recording session
28– Uri Caine recording session
29– Alexi David’s Three or Four Shades of Mingus, Fat Cat, New York, NY

Thank you for your continued support!

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